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Taste of the Mediterranean Collection - 3 Tins

Taste of the Mediterranean Collection - 3 Tins

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Our 3 tin Taste of the Mediterranean collection includes three authentic gourmet seasonings and artisan rubs that capture the flavors of the Mediterranean. Each gourmet spice blend is exceptional in its own way: the garlic, peppery, savory flavors of the Taste of Greece seasoning rub brings to life chicken, fish, steaks, and green vegetables; the warming, piquant heat and satisfying fresh-from-the-tajine flavor of our Taste of Morocco lends satisfyingly authentic, rich aroma and flavor to grilled or BBQ'd meats and veggies, or is wonderful when added to to slow cooked meals to fully develop and savor the flavor of North Africa; Taste of Cyprus, wonderfully versatile in the kitchen for sprinkling on rice or bean dishes, simple pastas, as a rub for meats or to bring out the best in grilled, stir-fried, or roasted veggies, is a gourmet seasoning that you'll find yourself going back to day after day.

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